Moving To New Location



Hello friends, we are slowly transitioning this web space to a new home.  We are taking baby steps since so many of my support group and fan base have been coming to this location for updates and information.

Now that I am back on the road with my shows, and as we rebuild our live performance foundation, we decided to rebuild our online presence as well. You will still be able to get information on shows or special performances in or around your city.


Make sure when you visit that you sign up on my mailing list. Or you can also contact me. It’s your choice, but I would love to hear from you. Get In Touch!

My team and I are excited to bring something that you can hold onto as we create our community.
Also, if you were not aware I have a new release in the U.K. It’s a dance number for those who are ready to hit the dance floor. We will see you soon.

Bobby Wilson
“I Can Fly”
Blessed and Highly Favored


Click The Link to Preview. “ARE YOU READY”


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