From Bobby to You

Hello fans and friends everywhere! Here’s a prayer that you and yours are in good health and closer than ever as a family, a business, and a company! We are faced with great challenges as a world wide family and with the grace we will get through this with as little loss as possible and hopefully greater gains.
As for those that have suffer great loss, please know that I feel your pain and heart ache and I pray for just as great comfort and peace for you and yours. That’s all I have to give is my heart and the music I have been blessed to give to this world so that it might bless you in your time of need and somehow Gods light shines through to help you through this reset, I like to call it.

We will return to the stage, to your town, to your place in this world and we will rock and roll TOGETHER with Soul, Doo Wop, Godspell, Rockabilly, Disco, Hip Hop, POP, Country and Good Music!

Love you All World Wide!

Bobby Wilson
“Fly With Me”
Blessed and Highly Favored